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14 May 2013

14th May 2013

Today, I, finally realize how to use this properly. I am normally horrible at keeping a blog, but now seems the best time as ever to fully jump into. In less than 8 hours I will be jumping on to a plane and headed to the mYinsanity gaming house in Switzerland. While I am there I will be filming a house tour, learning about the type of food people eat in Switzerland, and playing a lot of video games.

 It all feels very intimidating, so I hope this blog will be a nice place to leave thoughts, photos, and videos. Anyway's see you in Europe peace :D.

15 May 2011

15, May, 2011

Well today this blog starts. As you read these posts hopefully you find yourself with a grin across your face. I may not have the best grammer in the world, but I intend to post anyways maybe one day someone will be inspired by something on this blog or in the very least someone happens to have a good time. Just remeber everything will be posted in this blog about things I enjoy so with out a further moment I welcome you to Video Games, Music, and Food.